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The post modern right's solution to post modernism is to "RETVRN". Not to the 1950s, not to 1800s, not to Bronze age, but instead use eternal values to create a traditional 2020s. If post modernism declares that all truth is based on faith, the right says YES. Strength of conviction, and a strong living faith seem to be ways to the future.

The contradiction to embrace is that the only way forward is to look back.

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Beautifully written, my fren.

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This has an energy that lifts me! Dear friend, this is the type of thing young people need to read. I will admit that I, myself, a pure unadulterated product of the XXth century feel a tinge of sadness because I understand it will have to be me, people like me, who hold the libraries of the past, must first dare to dream or become museum pieces ourselves. In a sense, it was always coming. The work is the work of Cosimo di Giovanni de' Medici, a syncretism of the past looking at the future.

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Good poast, good energy, and good thinking through of the problem of Postmodernism. If the Right is to win without fundamentally breaking the world, it must come to terms with Postmodern thought.

I must, however, disagree with your starting-point. Postmodernism is not simply another evolution of the Philosophical Tradition to be absorbed, but a spiritual poison, a thought-hazard, to be rejected in its entirety. If doing so requires breaking a world already thoroughly infected, so be it!

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Extraordinary clarity and vision of our heart-centered future. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Ran across this from the twitter space. Good stuff.

I have to agree that a lot of the modern "scholarship" has fallen into Catena. The Right are equally guilty. If we need authorities to prop up the truth of our words, we're doing it wrong. A renewed sense of vitalism and fire is the only way forward.

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A clarion call. We are not content to sip cappuccinos and sigh over ruins. Instead we are TOMB RAIDERS.

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Firstly, this certainly contains elements of Marinetti's energy. At times though I feel your message got a little lost and as a reader I felt drifting. There are parallels between the ideas you express here and my own polemic about imploring people to STOP WITH THE KIPLING POASTING.

That is to say; cease with the continued worship of the ashes and learn how to start new fires.

That being said because you are making in part a manifesto esque call and predictions about what the future conditions of victory entail it is important to pull you up on this.

"We are starting the world over. The machines have taken over the world as we knew it, the world our beliefs were designed and adept at interpreting. What comes next is all up for grabs. We are not living through a collapse (actual collapse is not worth thinking about)."

I have fundamental disagreement with this.

We are living through a collapse, entropy reigns. By the law of energy and cyclical reality things are either falling apart or being rebuilt. They can exist alongside each other - perhaps this is the nature of the disagreement we have here. The machines in our pockets are weapons of mass distraction with a power to visit the moon a thousand times over and yet our road infrastructure is breaking. We can no longer move dangerous chemicals around safely on railway tracks, but Amtrak's boomer customers can get 5g in more places than ever.

This tension is there but only the foolish optimist or bugman decides to lean into the embrace of the latest pixel perfect camera on his smartphone to capture the meth'd out homeless person pissing on the street.

Collapse IS worth thinking about. The eco-fascists of the Right are correct to be sounding the alarm about micro-plastics. Hakan said we could work to end it all, with enough energy to the magma chamber perhaps it is possible. It is not just because of the generational thinking it will imply, it is because it is always an inevitability once you step away from the false dogma of Hegel and the march of progress.

It is a light in the darkness, not as some fantasy but as a reminder of reality. The slate is wiped clean and anew births what some see as RETVRN but it is only an echo of RETRVN. The restoration of natural order.

Collapse is also where the barbarians are. Where they thrive. We are destined to become the new barbarians, the wasteland of the modern is what we shall rule over. The decadent levels of comfort we know will come crashing down, nearly all our problems today could be eliminated with a simple rejection of the weakness worshiping compassion that has poisoned our minds. We must become the barbarians, reject the conservacucktards with their appeals to diplomacy and compromise. Only riding rough and forward will see us out.

Ultimately it will happen because we are on the downward slide, more entropy will return, the good times are coming to a slow end. What awaits us awaits those most able to thrive in chaos.

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